NV5 High-Performance Infrared Motion Detector

Small detector. Big capabilities.
Easy to install. Easy to use.
Faster & More Reliable,
NV5 offers superior (compared to Paradox PRO476 and NV500),
Customizable Sensitivity Levels.

Small detector. Big capabilities.

NV5 is the next generation of the ENVY Digital Detection series.

NV5 has evolved from its predecessor NV500 - new firmware and improved hardware enables faster and more reliable detection, false alarm immunity and more, packaged in the sleek design you are familiar with.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Average time to install: 5 - 10 minutes

No PC board removal necessary, easy PC board installation, clip in/out (when desired)

Optional wall/ceiling mount bracket

Panel compatibility: EVO, Spectra, Magellan, 3rd party

Faster& More Reliable*

NV5 offers superior* (compared to Paradox PRO476 and NV500) :

Catch performance

Even detection, no dead zones within the protected range

Response to movements - slow and fast

False alarm immunity Paradox technology, Auto Pulse Signal Processing (APSP) and Dual/ Single Edge Processing enables flexibility in setting detection response time compared to false alarm immunity

Digital temperature compensation – same catch capability at specified operating temperatures

RF immunity

Customizable Sensitivity Levels

5 levels of sensitivity – choose level according to the needs of the protected area

Pet resistant

Adjustable creep zone – mirror add-on provides enhanced creep zone sensitivity and is recommended for best product performance

Paradox hybrid cylindrical-spherical Lens (patent pending)

Paradox’s Hybrid Cylindrical-Spherical takes the NV5 detection capabilities to a higher level than that of other detectors in this category.

The Hybrid lens (3rd generation 3D LoDiff® Fresnel segments) offers the best detection possible for passive infrared energy reception for:

1) Far beams - cylindrical

2) Medium/close beams/creep zone – spherical

This lens design allows for:

Ultimate perpendicular beam collection

Optically and digitally equalized beam pattern - all beams optimized for generating equal signal level at any distance or angle

Pet resistance beam pattern

EN50131 grade 2

Superior and uniform energy collection translates in a better image quality of the target which provides unmatched detection accuracy and stability.


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